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Air Conditioning Installation

It may come as no surprise to you that we offer installation services for brand new air conditioning systems. We offer all types of systems that you might need or desire—give us a call to chat about your options and to get a quote.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

There are several types of air conditioning systems that you may be interested in for your home. We will briefly explain these below, but if you have any further questions, please let us know—we would be happy to further inform you about information on these systems.

Cooler Tymes Double Install, Split Systems

Split Systems

Split systems are extremely common, and your home may very likely already have one of these installed. In fact, the other systems we will explain below are just different types of split systems. However, the traditional setup of a split system is what you are probably used to seeing in homes here in the Valley of the Sun.

Split systems are usually best for homes that already have a system installed but need replacement. They both cost a bit more in labor since more work is involved, but they can also provide much better energy efficiency options for your home.

These systems come in two varieties: the split heat pump system and the split gas system.

Cooler Tymes Double Install, Split SystemsSplit Heat Pump Systems

These are split systems that have an air handler in addition to the air conditioner. Air handlers are usually installed in the attic, but they can also be installed in a garage or closet. These run year-round.

As we explain on both our furnace and heating repair services pages, heat pumps are an expanded function of the traditional air conditioning system. In the hotter months, it takes warm air and makes it cool, bringing cooler times into your home. During the colder months, it works in reverse, taking cooler air and making it warm.

Split Gas Systems

This is very similar to the heat pump split system, but it uses a furnace with an evaporator coil on it instead of the air handler. These furnaces are usually installed in an attic as well, but much like the split heat pump systems, they can also be installed in a garage or closet. During the colder months, it uses gas to heat the house. During the summer, it uses the AC to cool the house while using the blower in the furnace to help move the air around.

Package Unit Systems, Air Conditioning

Package Unit Systems

These units are all-in-one, single units. They roll the evaporator, condenser, and compressor all into one neat package. These are the units you’ll generally see on top of roofs on homes here across the valley.

These come in two varieties as well, just like the split systems—heat pump package units, which run year round, or “Gas Packs,” which use gas for heating and AC for cooling.

These types of air conditioning systems are great for saving some space since all of the components are in the same space. As a result, installation is also a bit cheaper. However, energy efficiency with these units is not as good as with the traditional split systems/heat pump systems.

Mini-Split System

These are the units you’ll usually see in a window or high up in a wall.While they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as others, they can be cost-effective if you only need to cool or heat one room. As a result, they do only work to cool a single room, meaning that using them to cool an entire home can be much more expensive than going with a more traditional, full-home system since you’d have to purchase and install one in every room of the home.

These can also come as AC only or with a heat pump as well, although many manufacturers are heading in the direction of only creating heat pump units. This means that most units in the future will both heat and cool the rooms they are installed in.

While we do offer installation and service of mini-split units, we only offer services on units we install and can find parts for in the US. We do not install or service units that are purchased by the customer.

Duel Fuel Systems

These are the hybrids of the air conditioning and heating world. They are perfect for areas where it might dip to below freezing at certain times of the year, but for the most part stays above freezing. They are package units that have both a heat pump and gas heat. The heat pump provides high-efficiency heating for when temperatures are below freezing, but if it gets too cold for the heat pump to work, it switches over to gas heat instead. Propane can be substituted for natural gas if natural gas is not available in your area.

Brand New Lennox Air Conditioning Unit Installation

The Bottom Line

While there are many choices when it comes to air conditioning systems for your home, we must add that, no matter which type you go with, we will offer the highest efficiency units for the best possible prices we can. In fact, when compared to other companies, we offer high-efficiency units for the same price as their low-efficiency units.

Give Cooler Tymes a call today to ask about a new system and to get a quote. We would be happy to work with you throughout the entire process to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with your new air conditioning system.

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