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Cave Creek Air Conditioning & Heating

For our dearest neighbors out in Cave Creek, AZ, Cooler Tymes is always here for you to assist you in all of your Air Conditioner or Heating System repairs, as well as any preventative maintenance your system(s) may need.

AC Repair Cave Creek AZ services from Cooler Tymes are truly unmatched here in the Sonoran Desert. We always try our absolute best to look at systems and consider all we can about their current condition. We prefer to repair systems if that is the best option available to us. However, if there is truly a need, we do not hesitate to recommend newer, more efficient, and more reliable systems—especially if we are working on older systems or systems that might be on their last leg. In those cases, installing a new system would be the best course of action for all involved.

When a new install is not required, we definitely also help our customers by troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repairs on your systems whenever possible. This also includes just about any part of the air conditioning or heating system within your home.


The spirit of the Wild West always seems to still be alive up in the gorgeous Cave Creek area.While Cave Creek is a little far from us over here in Surprise, AZ, we know what it is like to live on the edge of the marvelous Sonoran Desert.

Cave Creek, much like Surprise, has magnificent desert scenery and wildlife nearby, and the plants and animals we can all spot by just looking out the window are, indeed, quite sensational. However, our friends up in Cave Creek are much closer to the mountains than we are, allowing them fantastic views of Black Mountain in particular. We always enjoy riding up to Cave Creek to take in the sights and assist the wonderful residents in the area.

It is our sincerest wish that you will consider allowing us to help you and your family to rest at home in the utmost comfort—the summers can be scorchers, and even our winters can still reach rather cold temperatures; fortunately, however, we do not usually have to put up with much snow!

We are absolutely pleased to be able to offer superior, reliable Air Conditioning and Heating services to our friends in Cave Creek. We do hope that you will keep us under consideration when it comes to your home or small business Air Conditioning or Heating needs!

Cave Creek Customer Reviews

While we do not often make our way over to Cave Creek, many residents from the area whom we have worked with have been quite happy with our performance and services. Several of them have left us fabulous reviews on Angie’s List, saying things like we “came out to do maintenance on our air conditioning unit. Gave me some good information for the future. Helpful, punctual, and very friendly.”

Another reviewer said, quite concisely,that we were “Very good, on time, good price… [and] very helpful.”

An additional customer said that they “used an Angie’s List Coupon Special ($39.00 per unit) and had 2 A/C units checked. In addition, Cooler Tymes checked & did some minor repairs to our 2 units for a small additional cost of $90.00.”

As you can see, Cave Creek locals were quite happy with our punctuality, friendliness, helpfulness, and prices!

If you live in Cave Creek, AZ or the surrounding area, please give us a call for all your Air Conditioning, Heat Systems and HVAC maintenance needs.

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