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Buckeye Air Conditioning & Heating

For our good friends out in Buckeye, AZ, Cooler Tymes is here for you to support you with all of your Air Conditioner or Heating System repairs, as well as any preventative maintenance your system(s) may need.

AC Repair Buckeye, AZ services from Cooler Tymes are truly unmatched in West Phoenix and, potentially, the entire valley. We prefer, and try our best, to look at systems and take into consideration all we can about their current condition. We would rather fix systems if that is the best option available to us. However, if we do see a real need, we do frequently recommend newer, more efficient, and more reliable systems—particularly if we are looking at older systems or systems that might be on their last leg. In that case, replacing the system would be in everyone’s best interest.

When a full replacement is not needed, we also assist with troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repairs on your systems whenever we can. This includes nearly all parts of the system within your home.


While Buckeye truly does seem to embody the spirit of the Wild West even today, our friends over there still aren’t too far away from us up here in Surprise, AZ. We are far west-siders ourselves, so we know how beautiful living on the edge of the desert can be!

Buckeye, like Surprise, has wonderful desert scenery and wildlife nearby; especially when it comes to the White Tanks, Sierra Estrellas, and all of the wonderful plants and animals we can spot by just looking out the window.

Please consider allowing us to help you and your family continue to appreciate your home and location at a comfortable temperature—the summer months can be quite hot out here, after all, and even the winters can be a little chilly. However, we are happy about the lack of snow!

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer superior, reliable Air Conditioning and Heating services to our friends in Buckeye. It is our wish that you will consider us when reflecting on your home or small business Air Conditioning or Heating needs!

Buckeye Customer Reviews

As we are over in Buckeye quite frequently, plenty of Buckeye locals have been extremely satisfied with our work and services. A few of them have left us shining reviews on Angie’s List, saying things like, “Mike [from Cooler Tymes] was very respectful and honest. I found out my unit was a replacement and was still in great condition. All it needed was recharged and a little rewiring. Great service, quick response, and responded very quickly.”

Another reviewer said, “Mike [from Cooler Tymes] responded to my e-mail within minutes and was at the house within an hour, timing is everything. He explained what was needed, why it was needed and what the total cost would be. Then he did the repair, he had the part with him.He also told me that I didn’t need a thermostat which previously I had been advised on [by another company]. Mike was what every business owner should be. Honest, concerned with correct repair and able. I will use him again.”

An additional customer said that we were “on time, courteous, explained condition of my a/c unit. Helped install new filters. Gave options/explained on filters and other services. Mostly, I was happy to hear my a/c unit was in good condition.”

If you live in Buckeye, AZ or the surrounding area, please give us a call for all your Air Conditioning, Heat Systems and HVAC maintenance needs.

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