More ways to help lower your electrical bill

More ways to help lower your electrical bill

There are a multitude of reasons that the average person is actively investigating ways to reduce an electric bill in Arizona. Cost is a common concern, but is not the only issue involved. Many people are “going green” and are trying to find out how to reduce carbon footprints in Arizona. Because of the intense heat the region is known for, much of the electric use of Arizona residents comes from air conditioning. Here are a few ways to begin the journey toward a lower electric bill in Arizona.

First thing to do is make sure that the air conditioning system in use is up-to-date. Newer systems are more efficient and the state government has incentives for purchasing them. For those interested in energy rebates, Arizona provides rebates to citizens who buy Energy Star rated appliances such as air conditioning units.

Even if you do not have the money for a new unit an old unit can be made much more efficient by simply cleaning the filter. The motor has to work much harder and thus uses more energy when the filter is dirty. Many people never take the time to replace or clean their filters.

Proper air circulation is an important piece of the cooling puzzle. Installing ceiling fans around the home can greatly reduce the work of the air conditioning system. Because of the design of the home, hotter and cooler pockets can develop on different levels or even in different rooms on the same level. Fans can greatly elevate this problem.

Many Arizona residents never open their windows in the summer hoping to keep their cool air inside. Taking this one step further, windows can be completely sealed with plastic insulation which is cheap and easy to install. The cracks along the perimeter of windows readily exchange heat and waste the electricity that is being employed to power air conditioning units.

Covering windows with curtains can greatly reduce the electrical need of a home. Sun light produces a large amount of heat. Sealing your home from this light with heavy curtains also brings down electric bills.

Doing the suggestions  above and installing sunscreens is the best way to greatly lower your electrical bills.

Now get busy with that  “Honey Do List”  !   Its getting longer………………..


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