ColorTouch Thermostat

Cooler Tymes is proud to announce the availability of the new ColorTouch™ – a multi-functional, simple-to-use, richly featured, programmable touch screen thermostat that thinks it’s a digital picture frame. ColorTouch has customizable backgrounds, including the users’ own photos, and more than a dozen preset themes, including holiday themes. Models: T5800 Product Features & Benefits: Customizable appearance using users’ own photos Built-in nature and holiday themes ColorTouch Assistant software make configuring fast and easy SD Memory Card makes import/export between thermostats easy Engaging screensavers with slideshow, digital and analog clock options “Simple as You Want” operation lets user customize thermostat info Scheduler keeps home temperature comfortable At-a-Glance ScreenRead More →

There are a multitude of reasons that the average person is actively investigating ways to reduce an electric bill in Arizona. Cost is a common concern, but is not the only issue involved. Many people are “going green” and are trying to find out how to reduce carbon footprints in Arizona. Because of the intense heat the region is known for, much of the electric use of Arizona residents comes from air conditioning. Here are a few ways to begin the journey toward a lower electric bill in Arizona. First thing to do is make sure that the air conditioning system in use is up-to-date.Read More →